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Companies & Trusts

Private Companies and Trusts

Many private companies choose to establish a trust as a means of protecting assets and improving their tax exposure. You need accountants who are highly experienced in all aspects of trust establishment and ongoing management to help you get it right.

Call today for a chat about the responsibilities and obligations that come with forming a trust to the parties concerned, drafting a trust deed which sets out the rules of operation of the trust, and receive the provide guidance you need in relation to ongoing statutory reporting requirements.

Why establish a trust?

A trust provides an effective means of isolating your assets from claims by outsiders, such as creditors or parties to litigation claims. It can also be more tax effective.

For a trust to be effective requires that it is correctly set up and operated, and that all parties are clear about its purpose and their ongoing responsibilities.

The Services of 123 Bookkeepers and Accounting are tax deductible and we have Fast and efficient IT savvy ways to process your records irrespective of how disorganised they may be. Here at  Sydney Accountants we also have great time-saving ways to keep your records up to date, now, and in the future. We’ll take the pressure from you, guaranteed!

We provide both onsite and offsite Company Setup services. If you would like to talk to us about the solutions we for you, please Contact Us

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